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New Website, Need Your Pictures!

As many of you know, I have been web site challenged for awhile. It was very difficult for me to maintain the website as I was challenged to find the time to learn WordPress to make it better. But I am very happy to say that in a very short time, my daughter Caitlin took it upon her self to do a total remake of the site. She is the real promoter in the family and does it for herself and for others. She has taken on a project to have a massive festival featuring young emerging artists this fall in the Boston area. I am very proud of her.

As I looked at the site for the very first time, it was truly a walk down memory lane. The pictures reminded me of so many great moments that Cindy and I have shared with many of you over the years. Going back to an inauspicious start in the basement of my home in Sandy Hook with The Kennedys whom we were fortunate to hosts so many times. Seeing Pete and Maura do Kumbaya with two six year olds who just learned the song because they were performing for the first time at their Church. Watching the incredible Mark Erelli doing his version of Basement Tapes as the Whitening Strips (check it out on YouTube!).

It doesn't get any better than listening to Brooks Williams with Gail Wade in your basement and then sharing a couple glasses of wine in the family room during the break. It is a special treat to have Tracy Grammer bring the music of Dave Carter to your home along with Jim Henry's appetite and talent. We were privileged to have Carolann Solebello at the outset of her solo career. There were so many other special moments in Sandy Hook.

But times changed and I moved to a condo in Southbury. It took the very same Tracy G to kick start the series again. A fact that we toasted with champagne last month after 3 years in Southbury. During these past 3 years we have hosted so much talent like Milton, Box Car Lilies, No Fuss and Feathers, Pesky J Nixon, Abbie Gardner, Spuyten Duyvil, and Mark Cosgrove. Along with these artists we were blessed to have Jazz for Juniors become a part of our sound fabric. I am truly grateful to Alan, Nick, Tim, John, Larry and Bob who have committed to be the house band and make our community sing a lot of fun. We are very proud of the fact that our banjo player is way past the Medicare age and our bass player just turned 12. We could not bring quality sound without the help we have received from our good friend Joe Proc. (Who buy the way rescues WILD animals on the side).

When I click on the links to future artists who have committed to coming to Southbury, I go from "promoter" to being a fan. There is so much talent out there and I wish we could do more to bring other artists like these to Southbury.

So now I am not embarrassed to have you visit our website. But you can help me make it better. If you have photos you can send me, I would appreciate it. Now I have a home of them. I am looking for the artists we are missing as well as group shots and photos of the juniors. Pictures of yourselves having a good time is appreciated too.

We have had a very good pre-sales for Spuyten Duyvil but there are still some seats remaining. It is not that far off and you may want to make your reservations now. As many of you know, seating is limited. I am attaching a flyer with more information.

Also, there are so many good venues in this area to take in other concerts. The Levins are in Oxford this Saturday. Call Barbara at 203-828-6032. The Kennedys will be at Buttonwood in Middleton on April 15. Mark Erelli is at Sounding Board on April 1st. If Cindy and I can set up early Saturday, we are there. Also at Sounding Board on April 8th will be The Hot Flashes featuring our friend Gail Wade. Barbara Schiller is having Brooks Williams in November. She has many more shows before then so check out her venue on the internet. Susan Werner is at Voices on May 13th. I just saw Goodnight Moonshine there on Saturday and we have a lot to look forward to when they come in December.

Finally, Cindy and I thank all of the support we have received from you over these past 11 years. We are especially thankful to the CORE who seem to come almost all the time. (You know who you are!)

Warm regards

Bruce and Cindy


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